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Being the founders of the company MARIMATECH back in 1987, the profiles and team behind United Marine Technology (UMT) has since the early 90’s been involved in development and production of state of the art systems within Environmental Monitoring, mooring load monitoring and Berthing Aid Systems incl. integration and supply of quick release hooks.

January 1st 2019 UMT acquired the danish company oi electric A/S who has been in the market for Marine Aids to Navigation and Flight obstruction Lighting since 1978.

Today UMT has a strong and specialized product program dedicated to airports, heliports, maritime authorities, commercial harbors, oil & gas terminals and wind industry. This includes both hardware supply and dedicated monitoring solutions.


We wish to supply and develop simple and stable solutions using state-of-the-art standard industrial components and software tools – With simplicity we create stability.


Being in the supply of specialized equipment also means that UMT is open new ideas, problems that needs to be solved. Our general mindset is driven by development and new thinking – so we are always open to work with new ideas with our clients.

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