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Being the founders of the company MARIMATECH back in 1987, the profiles behind United Marine Technology has since the early 90’s been involved in development and production of state of the art systems within off shore positioning, mooring load monitoring and berthing aid systems incl. integration and supply of quick release hooks.

January 1st 2019 United Marine Technology merged with the danish company oi electric A/S who has been in the market for Marine Aids to Navigation and Flight obstruction Lighting since 1978.

The two companies together has a strong network and product range within maritime authorities, commercial harbours and oil & gas terminals


Our philosophy is to use solid standard industrial components (sensors, data transmitters, standard communication protocols, LED technology) which has evolved remarkably throughout the last +10 years fulfilling everything from ATEX/UL/IECEX approvals to secure data exchange management.

Having this philosophy it enables UMT to focus on the client needs and to develop and deliver state of the art control and monitoring systems – and with simplicity we create stability.

In overall this ensures the highest possible guarantee for future hardware maintenance and secures our focus on system architecture and data management where the system value and user experience is maximized.


With focus on project management, system architecture development and integration of sensors, we are able to deliver the most solid systems within:

  • Berthing Aid systems
  • Mooring Load Monitoring
  • Quick Release Hooks and Bollards
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Marine Aids to Navigation
  • Obstruction Lighting

The systems will the coming years be supported by solid software solutions for controlling and monitoring entire systems and/or sensors enhancing the future of IoT and instant data accessibility.


Due to our background we are particular wellknown to systems previously delivered by MARIMATECH which systems we are happy to service and upgrade.

Further and in general we offer inspection services for existing installations from any supplier and within any of our product categories.

Our services cover evaluation of the current condition of the equipment, if it works as intended and if the installation is in accordance with the legislative requirements (both installation- and function-wise according to navigational regulations).


At United Marine Technology we choose our suppliers and partners from a criteria of responsibility in terms of both general CSR guidelines and a genuine understanding of the responsibility it requires to deliver safety based systems and components.

UMT is a member of IALA, compliant with ICAO, will be ISO9001 in 2019, certified installation company, certified personnel for off shore installations and has more than 20 years of experience within equipment supply to the oil & gas industry.

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